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Rossella M.

I went to Dr. K because I didn’t know what else to do. For three months I was extremely exhausted, sleeping for over 12 hours and waking up tired, getting headaches, felt bloated all the time and just wasn’t feeling like myself at all. I tried seeing other doctors and I was getting nowhere. Couldn’t believe it… I already felt like half myself again just after the first visit and after only a couple more I’m back to sleeping throughout the night and now able to run about two miles per day! GO SEE DR. K! She really will help you!

Lisa C.

Dr. Kerri Stasiak is a post-menopausal girl’s best friend. She has helped me with balancing out my hormones and has been able to get me off of my pharmaceutical hormones. She is as caring as she is gifted. I really think she is awesome and a great doctor.

Anna S.
I highly recommend Dr. Stasiak. She helped me and my husband get healthy so that we could conceive a healthy baby. She really helped me throughout the entire pregnancy which was refreshing since I have had challenging pregnancies in the past. She helped me formulate the right birthing plan for me and even gave me different homeopathics to help with the birthing process. She was a blessing.
Karen D.

Dr. Stasiak uses the latest advancement in detection that allowed me to get very accurate findings and validated my health concerns. I found her to be very caring as well as very intelligent. Dr. Stasiak takes the time to listen then gave me a comprehensive treatment protocol that was very helpful and pretty easy to follow. I highly recommend her to all of my friends and family!